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SOP TAHU SAYURAN (V/VG) – Vegetable soup with Tofu         - 8

SOTO AYAM – The renowned Indonesian Chicken Soup           - 8 

LUMPIA – Chicken/Vegetable Spring roll s/w special sauce      - 8

GADO GADO (VG) Blanched vegetables with peanut sauce     - 8


ANEKA SATE (served with peanut sauce/special sauce)

  SATE AYAM - SAPI - KAMBING Chicken/Beef/Lamb Sate          - 8

  SATE TEMPE - TAHU (VG) Deep fried Tempeh/Tofu Sate         - 9

  SATE UDANG Tiger Prawn Sate with our special sauce           -10


MAIN (served with white rice, condiments & crackers)

Kari Ikan                                                                                          - 20

Fish curry, with spicy fruit salad, spiced coconut crisp & corn fritters 


Kari Tahu Tempe (V/VG)                                                              - 25

Tofu & Tempe Curry, with spicy fruit salad, ​spiced coconut crisp & corn fritters


Ikan Asam Manis                                                                         - 25

Pan-fried sweet & sour fish fillet, with spicy fruit salad, spiced coconut crisp & sayur Lodeh     


Ayam Goreng Kalasan                                                               - 25

Turmeric spiced fried chicken, with stir-fried vegetables,​spiced coconut crisp and pickles


Rendang Padang                                                                        - 25

Slow-cooked beef Rendang, with stir-fried vegetables,​ spiced coconut crisp and pickles

Lamb Marak                                                                                - 25 

Lamb stew in herbs and spices, with stir-fried vegetables, ​spiced coconut crisp and pickles


Nasi Goreng                                                                                - 25

Fried Rice served with Chicken Sate, Beef Rendang, ​and topped with a fried egg (May not available every day)


                   V denotes for Vegetarian, VG for Vegan

Fully Licenced - NOT B.Y.O.